How I Stay Zen

At different times in my life I get very anxious. Lately it has been a lot worse since Dave left for boot camp. If I am left alone in my head for too long, I start to freak out. In order to feel better I have come back to some of my old creative outlets. I find that when I get to do creative things, I don’t think about anything. I am in a meditative state and all of my troubles disappear.

Lately I have been making lanyards and friendship bracelets. It is very calming to have a repetitive task. I sit on my couch, in front of the television and just go. Sometimes I make multiple pieces at a time. Other times I only finish one.

I’ve made so many things recently that I decided to put everything on an easy account. I’m not quite sure if I actually expect things to sell but I don’t really think that’s what it is about. I have put up a bunch of old beaded bracelets that I’ve made too. I’ve made so many things that I am never going to use so why not allow others to have the chance to have them? Also, it would be nice to get a little money back because I am a broke college student that has bills to pay.

If you enjoy handmade jewelry I will provide the link below. By no means does anyone have to make a purchase but I think it would be cool if people saw the things that I’m making ๐Ÿ™‚


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