Challenging Myself

So I’m going to be honest…my juice cleanse only lasted five days. I didn’t want to say anything because I was disappointed that I couldn’t follow through with my decision. The problem was that I wasn’t drinking enough juice in the day to keep myself going and I just really didn’t feel well. I want to try again but I am going to wait a little bit.

I have said multiple times on my blog and to myself that I would do certain things. I told myself I would do yoga or run, I told myself I would do a juice cleanse, and so much more. It is time for me to get cracking. I promised Dave before he left for boot camp that I would workout constantly and eat super healthy. He said that if he was going to be working his ass off in boot camp, he expected me to be working my ass off at home. And here I am, he’s been gone for three weeks and I’m just sitting at home.

I’ve been to the gym about three times since he left and I went on a seven mile hike. This just isn’t enough. I’ve received two letters from Dave and they have both said that he is sick but he has been working out everyday. He doesn’t get any days off and he’s in pain because of all of the workouts.

Lately, I’ve been the worst vegan ever. I’ve told myself that if I am craving something I will eat it so that I don’t binge when that craving isn’t satisfied. I’ve been craving so many things and I’ve been very bored so I’ve been eating like crazy. One night I was craving Chinese food so I ordered chicken teriyaki, vegetable spring rolls, and vegetable chow fun. I rarely eat meat. Most of the time I only eat meat when I am traveling or out to dinner. I’m a vegan mainly for health reasons so when I do eat something that isn’t vegan every once in a while, I know it won’t kill me. Last night I really wanted pizza…so I went to Little Caesar’s and got a pepperoni pizza and crazy bread. Whoops…I felt terrible when I woke up today but I forced myself to go to the gym anyway.

So, I am challenging myself to thirty days of exercising and clean eating. This time I am committed. I’m not giving up. I know that if I do this for thirty days it will become a habit. I know that I need to challenge myself and make a change. I can’t keep giving into my bad habits.

I am going to try and post as much as I can along the way to track my progress. I will also be posting some blog posts of my different workouts. I will also keep track of all of my measurements and post if I have lost inches at all. I will also post if I have lost any weight.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day πŸ™‚


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