Leg Day Workout

This is my typical leg day workout. I will mention the machines that I use the most. This is my shorter leg day workout routine so it isn’t too extensive. When I am having a longer workout I add some calisthenics.

The first thing I do when I go to the gym is cardio. All of the machines that I use at my gym (I go to Planet Fitness) are made by the brand Life Fitness. I do cardio on an arc trainer. I don’t like using the treadmill because I am very clumsy and I spend more time stressing about falling than I actually work out. I don’t like using the elliptical because it doesn’t give me the workout that I want. I normally start on setting 6 on the arc trainer. Then I go to 12. And lastly, I go to 17. I am normally on the arc trainer for various times. I will use it from around 15 minutes to about an hour. I only do 15 minutes when I do high intensity cardio. This is when I go as hard as I can for 5 minutes on each setting. When I go for an hour it is normally a slow sweaty workout. I get my heart rate up and keep it going at a pace that is comfortable to do for a long time. The last 5 minutes I always do high intensity (as fast as I can).

After cardio I move onto weights. On an average day I only use three different machines. The first is the Hip Abduction machine, this works your hip abductors. I don’t have a specified amount of sets that I do. I do sets of 15 and on the last rep, I hold for 3 seconds. I repeat this until fail (until it is physically impossible to keep going because your muscles are exhausted) but I do at least 3 sets. I have at least 150 pounds of weight. Clench your butt to get a more intense burn.

Next, I use the Hip Adduction machine, this works your hip adductors. I do the same on this machine as I do for the Hip Abductor machine.

Lastly, I use the Glute Machine (I don’t know if there is a real name it just says GLUTE on it), this works your quadriceps and your gluteus. I normally do it at 30 pounds. I do three sets of 15 on the left side and three sets of 15 on the right side. At this point my legs are shaking and I can’t go on any longer.

If it is a short workout day, I will then leave the gym. If I feel like it, and there aren’t too many people, I will go into the stretching area and do squats until fail. I will also stretch for about a half hour.

When I do a more intense leg day I will post the other things that I do. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day πŸ™‚


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